Resort information


Dear Guest,

The Najade resort has taken meaures in order to limit the impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic and to ensure the safety of your uetsts and staff.

What we may expect from eachother: 

  • We operate according the stipulations and guidelines from the dutch government.
  • We highlight the importance of washing and desinfecting hands reguarly.
  • Improved protocols for cleaning and desifection are in place.
  • We reguarly desinfect surface areas like door handles and payment terminals.
  • We offer desinfectants in our public areas.
  • We follow set procedures in case one of our colleagues happens to fall ill.
  • We appreciate being kept informed of your whereabouts and activities.
  • When you fall ill or get tested positive for Covid-19 shortly before, during or after your reservation, we wish to be informed.
  • You are expected to follow local and national governmental  guidelines and measurements, even when these are announced and implemented during your stay.

Kind regards,
Najade Resort