1. Bookings

Najade Resort will in principle only accept bookings for hotel rooms or apartments of tenants over 18 years, which are also present during the stay in the residence. The tenants are required to identify themselves upon arrival. Najade Resort reserves the right to refuse a booking of a person under 18 years, regardless of the right to reimbursement because of incorrect information from the tenant concerning his age. Najade Resort also retains the right at all times, to refuse a booking without giving motives. Najade Resort will send you a conformation of the booking and the invoice digitally within 10 days. If no email address is given, or you don’t have an email address, the confirmation and invoice will be sent by mail. The confirmation and invoice should be immediately checked upon receiving for accuracy. Any possible or alleged inaccuracies should always be known in writing within 10 days after the date of confirmation and before the start of the stay. In case you have not got the confirmation and invoice after 10 days of reservation, you should get in touch with Najade Resort as soon as possible.


2. Long-term bookings

If you want to book a hotel room or apartment in a period for which the rents are not yet known, then we can make a ‘before’ reservation for you. You will receive within a few days the confirmation of your reservation. A ‘before’reservation is not obligatory for both parties. Your reservation is a definite booking when you receive the invoice. You can still cancel free of charge until 14 days after receipt of the invoice.


3. Bookings from groups

There might be special (acceptance) conditions to take into account the guidance and the location of the hotel apartments, while the purpose and extent may result in a group that is not accepted.


4. Price

The prices in the Najade Resort brochure and on www.najaderesort.nl are not binding. Najade Resort reserve the right to change the prices and/or charge a surcharge, for example due to (but not limited to) a price change of energy. During the term of the Najade Resort brochure, the length stated in the brochure, Najade Resort reserves the right to change the discount schemes. When booking, you will be informed about the new price. The price stated on the confirmation/invoice is binding. Price discounts and/or special offers can no longer be used if the confirmation/invoice is sent by Najade Resort.


5. Hotel and apartments information

The price of every hotel and apartment includes:

• Water • Gas and electricity • VAT according to the guidelines of the VAT authorities of the country of destination.

Najade Resort reserves the right to exclude in the case of special actions (certain) additional parts. The accommodations vary with regard to the design and layout.


6. Mandatory extra costs

Regardless of the agreed rental price and any additional costs at the request of the tenant the following costs will be charged:

• Final cleaning € 125.00, between cleaning for longer stays than 7 days on half of the stay € 75.00, and so on. These additional cleaning costs are not applicable for hotel rooms • Tourist tax and charges • Reservation costs.  The (final) cleaning doesn’t include: • Wash • taking out the bedsheets and possibly rented linens and towels • Collecting garbage and placing in container. The two sets of keys, which are handed over must be returned as well. Not following these rules will allow Najade Resort to  charge € 50.00 for replacement costs.


7. Tourist tax and charges

The prices of hotel rooms and apartments are exclusive the tourist tax and other government taxes. The amount depends on the municipality in which the Najade Resort is located. For the determination of the number of people per booking period, applies the maximum number of people staying at least one night in the hotel apartments. Earlier departure will not lead to a refund of tourist tax and charges.


8. Booking fee

The rent prices for the hotel apartments are exclusive the reservation costs. The reservation fee per booking is € 29.50. No booking fee will be charged when booking hotel rooms.


9. Pets

Bringing your pets, without prior permission from Najade Resort, is prohibited. If approval is given to bring one or more pets, extra cleaning costs will be charged. We charge per pet € 16.50 per weekend / midweek and € 24.50 per week (caged pets free). When booking and upon arrival at the resort, the pets need to be registered. At that time an appointment will be made for the extra cleaning, where the guest must be present. Pets are not allowed in the central areas and facilities. Your pet must be free of pests. It’s obligated to keep your dog on a leash outside your hotel or apartment.


10. Payments

a) Within two weeks after the booking, 50% of the booking amount must be paid. If one has issued credit card information and hasn’t paid within two weeks after booking, Najade Resort can charge the credit card. In case of credit card payments, Najade Resort is entitled to inspect the original credit card and the corresponding identity.

b) Two weeks before the date of arrival, the remaining 50% must be paid. If the arrival is within a period of 2 weeks, 100% of the booking amount should be paid directly.

c) Booking amounts up to € 150.00 must be paid immediately.

d) In case of late or incomplete payment of the amounts invoiced, this constitutes direct default and Najade Resort is entitled to dismiss the agreement by giving written notice to the booker. You are responsible for all damages, including (extra) judicial costs due to failure to perform the contract, which Najade Resort as a result, suffer or will suffer from, including all costs Najade Resort has incurred related to your booking and the cancellation. In any case, you pay a termination fee of 50% of the rent upon dissolution more than four weeks before the planned start date of the stay and equal to the total rent for dissolution within 4 weeks before the start of the stay. Already paid payments will be taken from the accrued severance pay and any compensation for other damage. If nothing is paid or despite payment there’s a remaining amount, the stated amount will be charged.


11. Changing fee

If you want make any changes in your booking  after the confirmation of the booking, Najade Resort is not obliged to comply. It is up to Najade Resort whether and to what extent these changes are accepted. For each change up to 4 weeks prior to arrival in connection with an already made booking, Najade Resort calculates € 49.50 of changing fee. These costs are not calculated if you wish to book or an amendment passes which refers to a period in which the fare is higher due to the period of stay or if you change from a hotel room in a hotel apartment that has a higher rent price. In principle, changes within 4 weeks prior to arrival are not permitted. A change to a cheaper period or hotel apartment / hotel room or a (partial) cancellation within a period of 4 weeks before the start of the stay, you pay the full original rent. If you wish to reduce the amount of booked hotel rooms or apartments after confirmation of the booking, the cancellation terms and conditions as stated in Article 12 applies.


12. Cancellations

It is recommended to start a cancellation insurance upon booking. This insurance provides coverage in certain cases for cancellations, which are not attributable to Najade Resort. It is the responsibility of the tenant to take care of insurance. Not having the insurance is for the account and risk of the tenant. In reverence of cancellation the following cancellation fees will be charged:

a) If canceled more than 4 weeks before the start of the stay, 30% of the rent with a minimum of €150.00 will be charged.

b) Cancellation between 4 to 2 weeks before the start of stay, 50% of the total rent will be charged.
c) If canceled 2 to 0 weeks before the start of the stay, the total amount of the reservation will be charged.
The payment of the requirements under a, b and c should be paid within 14 days after the invoice to Najade Resort. Najade Resort reserves the right to balance the paid amounts with the cancellation fee as defined under a, b and c.


13. Deposit

Najade Resort will charge a deposit of € 300.00 for hotel apartments upon arrival. When the hotel- apartment / hotel room has been approved, the tenant accepts the state of the accommodation at arrival unless a lack is reported within 24 hours of check-in.


14. Arrival and departure

a) Procedure prior to arrival: You must indicate your arrival time via info@najaderesort.nl before a week of arrival. On the day of arrival, please call one hour before arrival at 0031 35 6929 001. Only then can we ensure that we are on time to check in.

b) Check-in Procedure: the tenant needs to provide the booking documents, including the documentation referred to in Article 1. After payments and deposit, they key of the hotel room or apartment will be hand in to the tenant. The customers are allowed to check in after 15.00 in de resort and from 10.00, the facilities in the resort can be used, unless there is a temporary closure of the resort. On the departure day, you must leave the hotel before 10.00, because of cleaning of the hotel rooms/apartments. Use of all facilities in the resort is allowed on the departure day, at least the facilities that can be used without extra charges, unless there is a temporary close of the resort.


15. (Appliances) Regulations

In order to make the stay at the resort for all guests as pleasant as possible, all guests must follow rules as set out in the ‘Huishoudelijk Regelement’ by the Dutch law. Bylaws can be obtained on arrival at the Reception and available here.


Violation of rules results in a failure to perform the contract between the parties and may result in removal from the resort, e.g. without a refund of the rent or a part thereof. Najade Resort reserves the right to make changes to the set-up and opening of the (central) facilities at the resort. Under special circumstances, we reserve the right to close the resort temporarily or either full the whole resort to one party. In that case, we will give you the opportunity to perform a rebooking to another resort or to cancel your reservation free of charge.. For the rest, there is no right to compensation in other cases. Please beware of the fact that there may be done some maintenance at the resort during your resort without having any right to compensation.


16. Safety in water

Children under 12 are not allowed to  be found at the dock without guidance by an adult. Parents and/or caretakers must ensure that children who cannot swim, wear armbands and / or a swim vest at the waterfront and an adult must be present in the neighborhood. Swimming in the lakes is not allowed.


17. Force majeure

Force majeure on the side of Najade Resort exists if the performance of the contract in whole or in part, temporarily or not, is prevented by circumstances beyond the control of Najade Resort, including threat of war, strikes, blockades, fire, floods and other disruptions or events .


18. Liability

a) Najade Resort doesn’t accept liability for:

• Theft, loss or damage of any kind during or following a stay in one of our resorts;

• Tampering or disabling of technical equipment and the failure or closure of facilities at the resort.


b) The tenant and those who accompany him or her, are jointly and severally liable for all loss and/or damage to Najade Resort and/or any third party arises as a direct or indirect result of their stay, whether caused by acts or omissions by themselves or by third parties who are at their hands at the resort, as well as for any damage caused by an animal and/or business they bring or among themselves.


c) If misused or leaving the hotel apartment or hotel room incorrect, additional (cleaning) costs may be charged. These fees are payable in addition to the fees referred to in Article 6. Any person who breaks the smoking prohibition leads to a fine of € 75.00, subject to the right to full compensation.


d) If agreed that the guest check outs by self and it turns out that some damage is done, Najade Resort will report that within two days and resolves it with the deposit. If no damage is attributable the guest will receive immediately after checkout or in case the guest check outs by self, within two weeks of departure the deposit back on a bank account given by him, or the deposit will be refunded to the credit card.


19. Complaints

If you have any complaints about the service of Najade Resort then this complaint must be reported during the stay. If the complaint have not been resolved satisfactorily, you have up to two weeks after leaving the resort the opportunity to submit the complaint in writing through info@najaderesort.nl or by mail to Najade Resort, Old Loosdrechtsedijk 243 1231 LX Loosdrecht.


20. Pictures and video’s

If either a guest or the person he or she accompanies or is his or her fault on the resort or a day visitor, happened to stand upon a photo and / or video that was taken for images destined for a Najade Resort Publication and/or for on a website. Najade Resort's consent is presumed with the use of the photo and/or video in the publication and /or web site, even if he / she is recognizable on the photo and / or video. The images are not legally binding.


21. Maintenance

If there are goods / items in the leased property to be maintained/repaired/replaces at the discretion of Najade Resort, personnel or companies are enabled to enter the rented house at any time to fix the goods.


22. Other activities

When other services are taken at the request of the guest, regardless of whether there is a reservation before or after booking confirmation, the guest expressly agrees that Najade Resort will organize/realize  these services within the meaning of Article 7: 414 et seq BW. Najade Resort will organize these desired extra services on the guest’s name. Najade Resort will charge the guest for these extra activities. The prices for these services and pay for the mandate are known at the time the additional service / activity is organizes/realized by Naiad Resort.


23. Distance selling

In case there is a sale or surrender pursuant to Article 6: 230m et seq BW, expressly applies to all services of Najade Resort related to provision of accommodation and other leisure activities in accordance with Article 6: 230P sub E of the BW, so that the guest is not entitled to terminate the agreement without giving reasons as referred to in Article 6: 230m paragraph 1 sub k BW. Unless otherwise defined in these conditions.


24. General

These Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings made directly or indirectly by Najade Resort. The content of the (digital) publications of Najade Resort changes. The digital version of the Terms of Najade Resort (found at www.najaderesort.nl) is leading. If the digital version of the Terms and Conditions therefore differs from the printed version, the digital version will overcome. Apparent (digital) printing errors cannot be binding for Najade Resort. This replaces the previous (digital) publications.


25. Law

All our bookings are subject to Dutch law and the Dutch courts.