Admire the beautiful nature in Het Hol, one of the Vechtplassen. The nature reserve is located between Kortenhoef and Oud-Loosdrecht. Walk along water, reed land and forest. Along the way you will find the most special plants.

Varied nature area by excavating peat

The Hol is nowadays a nature reserve with lush nature. It is one of the most beautiful Vechtplassen. It was once a low peat bog. The peat is dug for peat. In the nature reserve you see different stages of landing: from open water and trilog to reed land and forest

Special nature in Het Hol

A lot of seepage water comes to the surface in Het Hol. Many special plants grow there, such as the real cuckoo flower, large buttercup and buttercup flower. But you will also find, for example, the swamp cartel leaf, various types of orchids and the large rattle. In the water grows water diaper, crab shear, mats and arrow herb. A rich nature.

Walk on the Kromme Rade

The Kromme Rade hiking trail runs straight through the nature of Het Hol. You can find this at junctions 05 and 06 of the cycle route network, or at the intersection of Kromme Rade with the 's-Gravelandse Vaart. Panels give more information about the area. If you combine this path with the Oppad, a beautiful circular walk is created.

How can you reach Het Hol?

You will find Het Hol on the N201, the road between Kortenhoef and Oud-Loosdrecht. If you are coming on bus 106, get off at the Kanaalbrug stop. Then walk out of the Moleneind (approximately 15 minutes).

Bommelstein route around Nederhorst den Berg (10 km)

The Oppad, Kortenhoef & Kromme Rade, Loosdrecht (9 km)

'S-Graveland country houses (16 km)